500,000 Apps in 60 Minutes


A wise man once said, "Give a teacher an app and she's got a day's lesson; Teach her how to find the right apps and she'll have lessons for a lifetime." With the ever-growing App Store and the many '10 Best Apps' articles that bombard us daily, there must be a good way to wrangle exactly what we need. This session will explore strategies, resources, suggestions, and best practices for finding "the right app" for the objective at hand. Other topics to be discussed will be app smashing, SAMR model considerations, and knowing when to simply leave technology out of the lesson altogether.

ETTSummit - Chicago 2014

iPadpalooza 2014

11 Facts & Questions (Carl Made Me Do It)

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11 Random Facts:

  1. I speak Italian (and Spanish - but I live in Miami, so that's not special)
  2. I have a B.M. (Bachelor of Music) in Music Education with an emphasis in Choral Conducting (and I LOVE music theory)
  3. Technically, I've been paid to sing in the Vatican, Rome, Florence, Salzburg, Vienna, London, St. Alban's, Budapest, Munich, and quite a few other European cities.
  4. My favorite drink is an Old Fashioned.
  5. Cooking is my therapy and, according to those lucky enough to experience it, I'm pretty darn good at it.
  6. My middle name is M.
    Really, whoever filled out my birth certificate was so lazy, they abbreviated my middle name.
  7. My only pet peeve is people who only say hi or engage in conversation whenever they need something.
  8. I've never played a game of Monopoly.
  9. I've flown a plane and jumped out of one. (not the same flight)
  10. I've been to Disney World every year since I was born (most years, multiple times) which was the same year it opened. 
  11. My wife is my absolute favorite person to hangout with.

Carl Hooker's 11 questions that need answers:

  1. Who was your best boss EVER and why? My Current one, Silvia Larrauri. She knows where to place her trust and how to support!
  2. If you could go to any event in the world, what would it be and why? Miami Device. Because that's my new baby. ;)
  3. Have you ever cried at a YouTube video? If so, which one? No. But if my daughters' births were there, I would.
  4. What’s your most guilty pleasure? Spending tons of money on a really good food experience (preferably in Vegas!).
  5. What’s the biggest prize/money you’ve ever won? Pfft! A couple hundred on a Disney cruise playing Bingo.
  6. What makes you nervous? Feeling unprepared for a speaking event.
  7. How do you explain your job to people? I help teachers learn how to best use technology to support their mission of creating innovative, curious, and enthusiastic learners.
  8. What software/program needs to go away forever? Anything that tries to assess learning using multiple choice answers.
  9. What is your secret super-power? The ability to detect subtle miscommunications in interpersonal interactions.
  10. How many devices do you have in your home that connect to the internet? 18 (plurality goes to Apple)
  11. What’s your proudest moment? Besides the obvious, like becoming a dad?!... The first time I crossed a finish line after completing the Couch-to-5K running plan.

My 11 Questions:

  1. What's your true reason for answering this question?
  2. Favorite recipe? (Provide URL if possible)
  3. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  4. What superpower would you love to have for a day?
  5. What's the last thing you would give up?
  6. Fill in the blank: If I could take a pill and get rid of _____, I'd take it right away!
  7. What could you always use more of?
  8. What's a popular phobia that you don't have?
  9. Who would you love to interview and what would one of the questions be?
  10. What's the one YouTube video everyone should watch?
  11. If you could hire anyone to work for you, who would it be?